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Cafe window

This in-house designed window is great for cafes, bars, restaurants and any business that wishes to open up a huge part of the shopfront.

It is a great alternative to using traditional bifold windows as you loose no space at the side of the opening.

The sash simply opens up to ninety degrees above your head and out of the way, creating an open space with an uninterrupted view which is perfect for those sunny Melbourne days.

This ninety degree sash window works well with a shelf - bar fixed along the transom. It opens any bar, cafe or restaurant up. With bar seating, it has great street appeal and is very inviting to customers.

This window can be used in a domestic setting as a servery, or perhaps you just want to make your home feel more open. 

It is used around pool areas where regulations don't allow bifold doors. It has a transom at a handrail height complying with regulations and lets you achieve the indoor outdoor area feel.

This window has been designed and built by Daca Windows in Melbourne.

For information on pricing and installation, please contact us at Daca Windows.

90 Degree Awning Sash

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