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Knowing how to adjust your bifold doors can be quite handy, especially if your house is prone to movement due to the harsh climates of Australia.

In all bifold door units there is plenty of adjustment up and down and left to right, no matter how your doors are configured.

If your active door seems to bind on the door jamb the bifold may need to be adjusted either to the left or to the right to free up the binding door.

If you look at the bottom of your doors (sill) and all the way to one end you should find a hinge fixed to the sill. In nearly all bifold doors this hinge should be adjustable - most have an allen key that can be tightend or loosened, moving the doors left or right, depending which way you desire the doors to move. Directly above there should be a similar mechanism in the top track at the same end which will move the doors left or right with a couple of turns of your allen key.

If your doors are binding at the bottom or top you can adjust them in very little time.

The intermittent hinges on your doors (carrier hinge) can be adjusted up and down. In most cases the adjustment pins have a locking mechanism on them so that in every day use they don't come undone.

Some have a clip on a spring that needs to be disengaged and some have a sleeve that needs to be pulled down to disengage.

Once the locking mechanism is disengaged, all you have to do is tighten the hinge pin to lift or loosen to drop. Always remember to lock off these pins after all your adjustments have been finalized. 

DACA bifold doors have an extensive warranty which includes any adjustments that may be needed over time.


How to adjust your bifold doors ?

Tuesday, 4th December 2012

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How to adjust your bifold doors