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Bifold doors have a few different types of bottom tracks. When deciding which one is best for you there are a few things you will have to take into consideration:

How much of a step you want at the bottom.

How weather tight you want the window or door to be.

Most bifold doors that lead in to your house will need to be air and water tight, so a sill track would be the best choice. These sills have a weather strip built in to them so that when the doors are shut they pull in firm to the strip, stopping any air, wind or water from making its way in. They also have a sump at the bottom with drain holes to let any water out.

If your bifold doors are situated in an area in your house that doesn't have to be completely sealed, such as an indoor / out door area, you can use a channel that is recessed in to the floor that poses no trip hazard and gives you the same level from inside to out. One minor downfall of this is that a little air and water can be blown under the doors.

All bifold doors need some form of a track at the bottom to guide the doors smoothly. So in the end the choice is yours as to wether you go for a concealed channel track or a weather proof sill track.

How to choose a sill / track for your bifold door ?

Monday, 11 March 2013

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how to choose a sill / track for your bifold door