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Natural anodized Bifold doors

How to maintain the finish on your Bifold doors / Aluminium windows

Monday, 8th October 2012

Due to the robust nature of Aluminium there is not much maintenance needed.  With just a little bit of care you can keep your doors and windows looking and working like brand new, just like the day they where installed.

How to maintain your Powder Coating.

The effects of ultra violet light, general dirt,  grime and airborne salt deposits can accumulate over time and should be removed at regular intervals.

As a general rule, cleaning should take place every 12 months. In areas such as beach front or industrial, cleaning should take place more often.

(1) Remove lose dirt deposits with a wet sponge. Using a dry cloth may leave small scratches in the coating.

(2) Use a soft brush with detergent and warm water to remove any salt or dirt deposits.

(3) Rinse off to be sure not to leave any detergent.

How to maintain anodized  doors.

Anodized Aluminium is unlike most other finishes. Anodizing preserves the natural texture and beauty of the Aluminium with a hard hassle free coating.  However a little bit of maintenance is recommended in order to keep your Bifold doors and Aluminium windows looking like new.

Damage to an anodized finish is usually due to dirt deposits which contain contaminated moisture that builds up, damaging the surface.

Ways of cleaning the surface usually depend on the condition of the surface and the time in between washes.

If the surface is regularly maintained then usually a soft cloth and some soapy water is all that is needed to clean.

For more stubborn deposits, a pumice powder or a mild abrasive mixed with water can be used. A trick to remove small scratches is rubbing with the grey end of a pencil eraser which is usually used for erasing ink. This will reduce the appearance of most scratches.

For the more greasy deposits you can use a cloth and some white spirits. Always remember to rinse the doors thoroughly to remove any cleaning agents.

We do not recommend the use of steel wool, sand paper or any other highly abrasive products. These will damage the anodized coating.

So what ever finish you have on your Aluminium doors or windows you can rest assured that it will last for a life time with a little care.

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How to maintain the finish on your Bifold doors / Aluminium windows

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