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Daca Aluminium bifold doors

bifolding doors

Why choose an aluminium bifold door ?

Timber bifold doors are prone to shrinkage and swelling in different temperatures and climates . This means that the doors will bind and stick over time. In winter the doors tend to expand because of the moisture in the air and in summer they shrink and loosen up due to the timber drying out. Timber doors are quite good if that is the look you are going for, however, they may require some adjustment when these situations arise.  If you are not very handy on the tools, then they can become quite expensive if you need to hire a tradesman in order to make these adjustments for you.

To eliminate some of these problems, timber bifold windows and doors should be painted and sealed from the weather every 6 to 12 months in order to stop the moisture from penetrating the timber.

With Aluminium bifold doors there is a little bit of movement due to expansion from hot weather and contraction from cold weather.

The difference is that Aluminium doors are an engineered product and all of these factors have been designed into the product through expansion joins and tolerances in the manufacturing.  Therefore, you can expect many years of hassle proof operation of your doors with the modern look of a superior product.

The life span of a daca Aluminium bifolding door is many years longer than a timber equivalent, with no costly repairs or adjustments.

Aluminium bifolding doors can be powder coated in any colour imaginable or naturally anodized.  This means no painting or sealing, just a quick clean and a little lubricant is all the maintenance needed.

At Daca windows we offer a comprehensive warranty on all our windows and doors which also includes any adjustments that may be required in the future.

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Why choose an aluminium bifold door