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When choosing a good quality sliding door unit , it's not only the looks of the glass sliding door that make it the door the  best quality. It's also comes down to

1 The door hardware (this is what gives your door that smooth effortless slide anybody can push easily)

2 Does it have a sub-sill for drainage or a threshold capable for draining water.

3 What locking system is provided to the door unit.

4 Does the door come with a guarantee on all hardware and finishes.

5 Does the framing and the glass meet Australian standards. AS1288 and AS 2047.

lastly the most important advise I can give you about choosing a sliding door unit is to make sure you get a qualified tradesman to install it . This will make sure your sliding door system will work to its full potential and keep you very happy for many maintenance free years

sliding door unit

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Choosing a quality sliding door unit

Choosing a quality sliding door